Upper Preschool
52×11' + 52×3'
Realtime CGI (52×11')
2D animation and Stop-motion (52×3')
Production :
MIAM ! animation
Directors :
Wassim Boutaleb, David Tabourier
Authors :
Martine Camillieri, Céline Ronté, Antoine Schoumsky, Antoine Maurel, Nicolas Verpilleux, Balthazar Chapuis, Matthieu Chevalier
The Tinies are ace tinkerers… They can quickly turn a milk cap, an egg box or an empty shampoo bottle into a cool helmet, a skate park or a fast pickup truck! Meet Ollie and Titus, two toys who create their own games and adventures!

Ollie, a lively and fearless little doll, is our hero. She has been living up in the attic with her toy friends as her former owner, Marlee, has outgrown them. This could be the perfect time to relax and enjoy a well-deserved toy retirement… But that’s NOT for Ollie! She prefers using her imagination and making every day a new tinkering adventure!

The Tinies is a 52×11’ 3D series and 52×3’ DIY tutorials.