188×7' + 26'

2nd season : 52×7'
3rd season : 45×7' + 26'
4th season : 52×7'
5th season : 39×7'
Production :
Cube Creative Productions
Directors :
Rémi Chapotot, Antoine Rota, Philippe Rolland
Authors :
Rémi Chapotot, Jean-François Henry
In Smiley Land, Kaeloo, Stumpy, Quack-Quack, Mister Cat and their friends come up with a new game to play every day! Like in every playground or schoolyard, rules are reinvented and distorted all the way to absurdity!

With them, nothing is taken as a given and everything is a pretext to casually question the world which we live in.

But one thing they never play around with is their friendship! That’s as solid as a rock! Yet rocks can sometimes hurt...

Like true buddies, they are champions at the game of “tough love” and never hesitate to tear each other up. Together, they split their sides cracking up laughing, both literally and figuratively…

Kaeloo : when crazy cartoon antics and authentic friendship make for an explosive cocktail !