Upper Preschool


52×11' + 52×3'


Realtime CGI (52×11')
2D animation and Stop-motion (52×3')



MIAM! animation


Wassim Boutaleb (52x11')
David Tabourier (52x3')

Graphic authors:

Martine Camillieri
Yann Boyer
Wassim Boutaleb


Martine Camillieri
Céline Ronté
Antoine Schoumsky
Antoine Maurel
Nicolas Verpilleux
Balthazar Chapuis
Matthieu Chevalier

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The Tinies is a comedy character driven show that aims to entertain upper preschoolers and give them the taste for upcycling and creating their own toys. Our stories take place in the attic of a house, in a small town built by toys who were stored away. In the show, we follow the daily adventures of Ollie, an enthusiastic and positive doll and Titus, a tiny plastic toy super talented for crafts; together, they set out on a mission so that the little community of toys can eventually enjoy a great day!

The series is a perfect mix between comedy, friendshipand crafts!

The Tinies is freely adapted from "The Big Book of little DIYs”, created and illustrated by Martine Camillieri. Martine developed a playful concept: she keeps the packagings that we usually throw away in the recycling bin, like empty household bottles or ice cream pots, she mixes them with real toys so as to create new and hybrid playsets!

A double format show seemed like the best way to adapt her work: a 52x11’ realtime CGI sitcom comedy series and a 52x3’ series of DIY tutorials, teaching children how to reproduce at home the crafts they have discovered in the show.


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