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Kazak productions
Miyu productions
Camera Lucida productions
Doncvoilà productions
Tripode productions

TV Specials collection (4×26') 4 girls' coming of age journeys: Tales of early feminine bravery.

This collection features four young girls, aged between 9 and 11 years old, as they embark on their own initiatory journeys, somewhere between childhood and teenagerhood. It is not often demonstrated that girls can be brave from a very young age and that it should be encouraged ! Noah, Luisa, Ellie and Chenghua are facing significant changes in their lives. They are having a hard time fitting in their new environment. All four girls choose to overcome these difficulties by conquering a new territory: Noah conquers the sea by learning how to sail; Luisa unravels the mysteries of Mexico City after moving there; Ellie crosses a forest and a river all by herself to reach the birds' Island of Souzay, while Chenghua's dreams of outer space will help her overcome her daily-life challenges as the only English speaker of the family. Their determination and courage will lead them to find their own way and eventually, grow up.

These four specials are produced by four talented independent French producers, namely Miyu, Kazak, Doncvoilà and Tripode. Each TV Special has a distinct graphic style, and yet they are all beautiful, poetic and appealing. They can be programmed together in a feature-film slot or in separate 26’ slots.

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